If you are wanting an RV garage, but not sure you want to overpay for plans, we have the solution! Styler Designs has a long list of predesigned RV Garage plans available in Arizona, and many other states. Most of these plans are priced at only $495 with a 48 hour turnaround. We also offer custom design packages.

Each set of plans includes construction docs for you to obtain bids, or send to your contractor. All plans include a floor plan, elevations, electrical, construction & venting details, and a basic foundation plan. We do not include a site plan or engineering as these are very specific to your property. Site plans are available for $250 if you can provide the setbacks and property dimensions. We can refer an engineer if needed.

All plans include a 3’x8′ access door, and a 10′ wide by 14′ high garage door. Plans can be customized as needed for an additional cost.

We offer the following sizes for a flat fee of $495.

  • 20’x40′
  • 24’x40
  • 30’x40′
  • 20’x50′
  • 24’x50′
  • 20’x30′ (workshop/detached garage w/10′ ceiling)
  • 20’x20′ (workshop/detached garage w/10′ ceiling)

All garage designs include a garage door and access door. Plans do not come with plumbing or living spaces unless you have a custom design order. Exteriors are 100% stucco with asphalt shingles unless you have a custom order, then we can design any finish you would like. Email us today if you would like a custom garage designed at shay@styler.biz

Call or text us at 480.510.3700 or email shay@styler.biz to order your plans. Once payment is made, plans are usually complete within 48 hours. We offer our RV Garage Plans in Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and more.

To order, call or text us at 480.510.3700 or email at shay@styler.biz. We usually respond the same day and can invoice you soon after. We look forward to designing your garage!